Sharp To Release Solar - Powered Charging Stand With Storage Batteries

Sharp to Release Solar-powered Charging Stand with Storage BatteriesSharp Corp announced June 27, 2016, that it will release a solar-powered charging stand for easily charging mobile phones and smartphones Aug 25, 2016.
A charging stand using a solar power generation system was installed in Tokyo in October 2015 for the first time in Japan (See related article). And the number of such stands is expected to increase. When installed at tourist sites and public and commercial facilities, they can meet tourists' and facility users' needs to charge their phones.

During a power failure, they enable local residents to charge their devices.

The new solar-powered charging stand, "LN-CA2A," is equipped with (1) two units of Sharp's "Blacksolar" high-efficiency solar panel (output: 184W or higher) and (2) three units of a storage battery with an output voltage of 12V and a capacity of 38Ah. It is a stand-alone charging system that operates without being connected to an existing power source.

The LN-CA2A stores solar electricity generated during daylight hours in the storage batteries so that it can charge devices even on cloudy days and during nighttime hours. After a sunset, its LED lamp automatically emits light for up to 14 hours.

Equipped with four charging ports, it can charge 60 phones if it takes 15 minutes to charge each phone.

The height of the charging stand is about 4m. Its survival wind speed and operating temperature range are 60m/s and -15 to 40°C, respectively. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is ¥2.5 million (approx US$24,541, excluding tax). It is built to order.