Sharp World's First 4 - Color Lcd Tv

Sharp QuattronAfter Sharp released the world's first LCD TV 22 years ago , now comes with a new world premiere : the first 4-color LCD TV , Quattron.

Quattron delivers color never seen before on TV.

Conventional TVs have been making 3-color pictures for half a century. Sharp introduces the world's first 4-color LCD TV

The new technology adds Yellow in the conventional primary colours of Red, Green and Blue (RGB)

The addition of Yellow enables reproduction of  colours previously known to be impossible to portray such as sparkling gold and sunflower yellow.

More vivid picture

Adding Yellow pixel makes pictures more vivid, such as "Yellow flower", "Gold metal", or "Emerald green".

4-Color vs 3-Color  :  achieve a 10% wider range of colors than possible on its conventional 3-color TVs.

More brightness with lower power

An almost white LED makes white color with blue and yellow. So yellow is the best color to make pictures brighter with less power.

4-Color vs 3-Color  : maintain high brightness while efficiently controlling light output for an approximately 30% reduction in power consumption.

Finer and smoother

Quattron makes fine and smooth pictures with an 8,294,400 sub pixel panel.

4-Color vs 3-Color  :  8,294,400 sub pixel panel  vs 6,220,000 sub pixel panel.

Deeper and sharper colors with high contrast

UV2A technology gives picture more contrast.

4-Color vs 3-Color  :   5000:1 vs 4000:1

The 4-primary colour technology by Sharp will be the next trend replacing the current 3-primary colour technology that is headed to the end.

VIDEO Sharp World's First 4-color LCD TV


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