Softbank Group Unveils Unified Website

SoftBank Group Unveils Unified WebsiteThe SoftBank Group unveiled today its new website which unifies its service websites and its corporate websites.
The SoftBank Group aims to introduce customers to services offered by the Group's various companies in a clear, easily accessible manner, making use of a unified design to improve the customer experience while enhancing the Softbank Group's brand value.

The SoftBank Group will continue to enhance its website content, regularly assessing website structure and accessibility while making improvements to ensure the best possible user experience.

1. URL
2. Key changes from previous website

(1) Unified the highly accessed SoftBank Mobile Phone Service, Yahoo! BB unified Broadband Service and main business information while improving accessibility for customers by dividing categories into ‘Mobile‘, ‘Internet‘, ‘Lifestyle‘, ‘Shop‘, ‘Support‘, and ‘About Us‘.
(2) Improved site design to create a unified feel over the entire site. Also arranged different layouts appropriate for displaying information on various devices, including computers, smartphones, tablets and mobile phones.
(3) Strengthened web server system's stability and reliability in the case of a large-scale natural disaster, etc. by using SoftBank Group's cloud service.
3. Websites being unified

SoftBank Corp. Corporate Website
SoftBank Mobile Corp. Service Website
Corporate Website
SoftBank BB Corp. Yahoo! BB Official Website
Corporate Website
SoftBank Telecom Corp. Corporate Website
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