Softbank Honey Bee Smartphone

Softbank HONEY BEE smartphoneThe HONEY BEE® 201K is the second in the popular HONEY BEE smartphone series. The 201K is available in 5 funky colors and has a cute rounded design and compact body, making it perfect for on-the-go girls. Features a large ring at the top with plenty of room for attaching straps and other decorations, and also has buttons at the bottom of the phone for quick phone and mail access.


"Sugu-Goe" makes navigation a breeze, front-facing camera for video chatting
Open up apps and navigate your phone by voice with Sugu-Goe, letting you handle your smartphone hands-free! The 201K also features an 8.1 megapixel main camera and a 2 megapixel front-facing camera. Both cameras have a light, meaning you can snap pictures of yourself with ease, even in dark areas. The camera also comes with over 10 different effects, such as whiter skin, bigger eyes, and smaller face to edit and add stylish flair to your pictures.


Softbank HONEY BEE smartphoneSoftbank HONEY BEE smartphone