Softbank Medias Beauty

Softbank Medias Beauty"MEDIAS BEAUTY" helps support the beauty of women. The phone includes many features and apps relating with makeup, fashion, and fitness.


Glamorous design and color that accentuates femininity
Available in 4 different soft and beautiful colors. The round shape of the phone makes it easy to hold and use fashionably anywhere regardless of the scene/situation.

Easy charging
The phone can be charged wirelessly by placing it on the charging device.

Beauty up Navi
Get beauty tips from make-up artists.

Receive eating, fitness, and sleeping tips from a trainer to improve your health and lifestyle.

Japan-specific Features
Osaifu-keitai (Electronic money), Digital TV and other features specific to the Japanese market available.

Platform Android™ 2.3
Weight 1 133g
Dimensions 1 W63 × H128 × D11mm
Talk Time1
(in normal reception conditions) 380 minutes
Standby Time1
(when phone not in use) 630 hours
Charging Time1
200 minutes

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Softbank Medias Beauty