Softbank : Merger Between Subsidiaries

Softbank : Merger between SubsidiariesSoftBank Corp. (“SoftBank”) today announced that its subsidiaries eAccess Ltd. and WILLCOM Inc. entered into a basic agreement to merge effective as of April 1, 2014 (tentative), as per the attached press release.

eAccess Ltd. ("eAccess") and WILLCOM, Inc. ("WILLCOM") are pleased to announce that
the parties have entered into a memorandum of understanding on merger ("MOU") as of the
date hereof to implement the merger ("Merger") which will become effective as of April 1,
2014 (tentative).

1. Background and Purpose of Merger

eAccess and WILLCOM, both being SoftBank Corp. group companies, are engaged in
telecommunication businesses. Since January 17, 2013, each of eAccess and WILLCOM have
mutually handled the other's products at their respective outlets, "EMOBILE shops" and
"WILLCOM plazas", and thereby they have built up alliances. The companies have reached
an agreement to implement the Merger as of April 1, 2014 (tentative) aiming for more efficient
utilization of business resources of both companies and further business expansion.

The surviving company after the Merger will serve more than 10 million subscribers in
mobile communication services, the sum of approximately 4.4 million eAccess subscribers and
approximately 5.7 million WILLCOM subscribers. The surviving company will continue to
expand the growth of both mobile and fixed broadband businesses provided by eAccess as well
as the PHS business provided by WILLCOM, while giving special attention to the smartphone
market where there is big potential for growth.

Mr. Eric Gan, current Representative Director, President of eAccess, is scheduled to be
President of the surviving company, and Mr. Hiroyuki Terao, current Executive General
Manager and Corporate Officer of Marketing Division of WILLCOM is scheduled to be
Vice-president of the surviving company. The management organization other than above, a
trade name and brands of the surviving company, and any other matters will be announced once
they are determined.
Note: The numbers of subscribers are as of the end of September, 2013.