Softbank Mobile Joins Bridge Alliance

SoftBank Mobile Joins Bridge AllianceSoftBank Mobile Corp. (SoftBank Mobile) announces that today it joined Bridge Alliance, the Asia-Pacific region's largest partnership of mobile operators, to leverage collaboration in regional enterprise mobility services and in the fast growing area of M2M. By joining Bridge Alliance, SoftBank Mobile aims to strengthen its services in the Asia-Pacific region for the SoftBank M2M Solution Service Program (SMSP), which was launched in October 2013 by SoftBank Telecom Corp. and SoftBank Mobile.

The SMSP is a full suite of comprehensive services that includes support for M2M sensor network construction, communication line/equipment procurement, data gathering and utilization, maintenance management of equipment networks and call center processes. SoftBank Mobile's membership in Bridge Alliance will enable it to further expand the SMSP.

Bridge Alliance aggregates and standardizes member operators' services, solutions and knowledge, and through its promotion of unified services, supports the seamless deployment of M2M and mobile business across borders. Bridge Alliance also works to enhance the customer experience by raising service and customer support levels. Furthermore, it is promoting the aggregation of information on M2M in the Asia-Pacific, where telecommunication circumstances and regulations differ by country.

Through its membership in Bridge Alliance, together with partner operators and other alliances, SoftBank Mobile will be able to provide comprehensive support for M2M services including telemetry, remote monitoring and security to its enterprise customers for the Asia-Pacific region as well as globally.