Softbank Press Release Conference For New Products 2013 Winter - 2014 Spring

SoftBank Press release conference for new products 2013 Winter - 2014 SpringSoftbank's press release conference took place in The Prince Park Tower Tokyo (Minato-ku, Tokyo).
Just on 3pm where the conference started, SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son came to the stage and started the presentation. Simply stated, his presentation was almost all about how great their network is. SoftBank has been famous as a "weak network" carrier, however, CEO Masayoshi Son looked pretty confident about their network improvement that they have been working on for 3.5 years and excited about telling us about it.

In the presentation, they showed a lot of data compared with au and NTT docomo, and regarding all of the following items, according to the presentation, SoftBank is currently place in the following in the Japan market:
- Packet connection rate
- Smartphone connection rate
- iPhone5 connection rate
- Number of major problem incidence (SoftBank has no major problems for the last 850 days)
- Service area
- Total satisfaction level
- High-speed connection network satisfaction level

Sharp also announced that they will release 4 Android smartphones, 2 mobile phones, and a mobile Wi-Fi router. From next spring, 900MHz will be added to the "Triple LTE" and these new smartphones are compatible with Triple LTE.
Sharp's flagship model "AQUOS PHONE Xx" has minimized its size and maximized its screen size compared with the previous model. Interesting function called "Honyaku (meaning translation in Japanese) Finder" is able to translate automatically when you hold the smartphone over English texts or words.
- 5.2 inch full HD LCD display
- 2.2GHz Quad Core CPU
- Run for 2 days
- Camera with 16.3 million pixels
- Release date: early December 2013
- Size: 70x132x9.9mm, Weight: 147g
- Color: lapis blue, white, black, and pink
"AQUOS PHONE mini", manufactured by Sharp, has the IGZO LCD display. It's compact so that girls can conformably hold it.
- 4.5inch IGZO Full HD LCD display
- Release date: late February 2014
- Run for 2 days
- Size: 63x124x9.8mm
- Color: black, white, red, blue, turquoise, gold, light pink, vivid pink
"ARROWS A" is Fujitsu's powerful smartphone. With 10 minutes charge, it can run for a day. After fully charged, it can run for 3 days.
- 5.0 inch Full HD TFT LCD display
- 2.2GHz Quad Core CPU
- Release date: early December 2013
- Size: 70x141x10.3mm, Weight 157g
- Color: comfort white, black, and pink
4) Disney Mobile on SoftBank DM016SH
Sharp's "Disney Mobile on SoftBank DM016SH" has better specs than past Disney Mobile devices. By touching pre-installed live screen wall, your favorite characters start appearing and hold a pose for you.
- 5.2 inch Full HD LCD display
- Camera with 16.3 million pixels
- 2,600mAh battery
1) The PREMIUM (Sharp), Released on late November 2013
2) COLOR LIFE 4 (Panasonic), Released on late January 2014
Both are waterproof and dustproof with 3.4 inch big screen.