Solar Panel Cargo Lifter That Does Not Use Ladder - Shaped Rail

Solar Panel Cargo Lifter that Does not Use Ladder-shaped RailSince April 2013, Yokohama City's Uniper has been selling Bravo, a simplified lifting device that can lift solar panels and other materials up to building roofs without the use of a ladder-shaped rail in work locations that are too narrow for tow trucks or cranes to fit.

"Using a wench, cargo suspended in mid-air on a wire is lifted up. Because of the concern that the cargo may drop if the wire were to break, for safety's sake two wires are used--a main wire and an assisting wire--so even if the main wire were to break, there is a mechanism to prevent the cargo from falling. In the event that a problem occurs in the field and the wench does not operate, it is designed in a way that will permit it to be operated manually. "

Conventional lifts that use a ladder-shaped rail can only be used for up to 3-story roofs, but Bravo can lift cargo up to 18 meters high, or in other words to the roofs of up to 5-story buildings. Bravo is priced at approximately 900,000 yen.

"In a challenge to further our expertise in the business of lifting objects, we are engaged in development in various fields. Recently during installation of mega solar panels and other objects on the slope of a mountain, there was a need to temporarily lift objects on the slope where neither people nor vehicles could travel. Driven by our desire to fulfill the need to lift cargo for various applications, we continue to further our expertise in this field. "

VIDEO Solar Panel Cargo Lifter that Does not Use Ladder-shaped Rail