Someone At Sony Uploaded An Entire Film Instead Of A Trailer On Youtube

Someone At Sony Uploaded An Entire Film Instead Of A Trailer On YouTube

YouTube is the main destination for promoting movie trailers as people flock to the video sharing website to find out more information about new and upcoming films. Sony Pictures Entertainment was supposedly going to launch the official red band trailer for Khali the Killer on YouTube today but it ended up doing more than that. Someone at Sony apparently uploaded the entire movie on YouTube instead of the trailer.

The video that was uploaded in place of the trailer was an hour and a half long because it was actually the full movie. It was uploaded on the official Sony Pictures Entertainment YouTube page and remained online for a few hours after ultimately being taken down.

Khali the Killer was released back in November 2017 on DVD but its theatrical run will begin from August 31st which is why the movie was being hyped up on YouTube.

Sony hasn’t commented on the matter. This does beg the question, though, that did the person in charge of uploading the title not see what they were actually uploading? Were they not surprised to see why the upload was taking so long? Did they just have the trailer and the full movie in the same folder?

Hopefully, Sony will provide more details soon. The film has now been taken down and no official red band trailer has been uploaded as yet.

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