Sony : 9 Productivity Apps That Make You More Efficient

Sony : 9 productivity apps that make you more efficientLoading up the right apps on your Xperia device can make a huge difference to your productivity and efficiency. The problem is, when you’re busy, who has the time to search the internet for apps that will make a genuine difference to your day?
Here at Sony Mobile we believe in providing products and services that empower you to do more.
To help you make the most of your device we’ve rounded up our favourite time-saving apps (after all saving 10 minutes every day would mean claiming back almost three days over the course of a year.)


Keeping track of everything is no easy task but Lifelog is here to help. It sits as your complete activity tracker, monitoring both your fitness and entertainment. And that’s not all; Lifelog insights add meaning and context to your data, helping you refine and reflect on how you spend your time.


Nicknamed the clapper for the Internet of Things era, DO Button is your virtual shortcut to the things you do most often. It allows you to save time by controlling the world around you using recipes (in a similar way to our previous app of the month IFTTT) that connect to a range of your devices, channels and apps.


With News Suite, you can read all the latest news as well as customise your favourite topics to create your own personal News App. It condenses information down to what you want to know; skipping the parts that you’d normally skim, making it easier to stay on top of current affairs.


Looking for a sidekick for getting things done and staying organized? Trello is the app for you. Whether you’re managing a team, writing a novel, overseeing a project or simply writing a shopping list – Trello is the flexible and visual tool to help you plan anything with anyone.


What’s New cherry-picks the best content from a range of different applications and services allowing you to access it all in a single view. So whether you’re after games, apps, music or video What’s New is bound to have what you’re looking for – a most importantly it only presents content that is 100% guaranteed to work on your Xperia device.


How many times a day do you pick your phone up just to check if you’ve got any new notifications or the time? Don’t worry, we’re all guilty. Wake Up Gesture makes this habit simpler by allowing you to turn your display on and back off by waving your hand over your device.


Photomath does what it says on the tin, it reads and solves mathematical problems using the camera on your mobile. Not only is this function bound to save you time, but the app itself also educates users on how to solve the problems themselves.


Fed up of your phone dimming down when you need it most? Kin Screen automatically ensures that the screen on your smartphone never turns off while you’re using it and even turns it off when you’re not. It does this by monitoring sensors in your device, detecting even the subtlest movements – so you’ll never get left in the dark again.


For a lot of people handwriting will always be the more efficient method of communication. Google Handwriting has taken this notion on board and allows users to replace the traditional mobile keyboard with a blank space where you type with your own handwriting.