Sony: Apps To Help Take Control Of Your Spending

Sony: Apps to help take control of your spendingSo you’ve made it through month one of your New Year’s resolution to budget and save more money and now you’re wondering how you’ll make it to December…
Luckily, your smartphone is here to help. There are several top budgeting apps on Google Play to help take control of your spending and we thought we’d get you started with some of our favourites.


One of the highest rated budgeting apps on the market, Mint is a free money manager and budget tracking app that works to bring all of your bank accounts, bills, credits cards and savings together so you have a clear view of how your money is spent.

Their handy budgeting feature looks at where you spend your money and gives you the option to create your own budget plan or use one crafted by them. Mint can also remind you when a bill needs to be paid and can even schedule them for you, so no more overcharging for late payments. You’ll also have access to their free credit score check service and tips on how to improve it.


Wally+ is a personal finance app that helps you track income against expenses to understand where you money goes. It stores exact details of where and when you spent your money and unlike Mint, it gives you the option to add more detail into spending such as who you were with, the sentiment around the places you visit and even images of receipts.

Its location-based service automatically identifies and categorises places you’ve been and stores frequently visited locations for easy access next time you’re there. Notifications will also remind you of upcoming payments and when you have reached a savings goal.

A great app for someone looking to track details of their payments and to cut down on excessive spending.


The only paid-for app to appear on our round up, You Need A Budget costs $6.99 a month (with the first 34 days free) and boldly claims that budgeters can save up to $600 by the second month and over $6,000 in the first year. Impressive stuff.

Users divide their income into separate pots (rent, household bills or entertainment) and works by accounting for every penny and letting customers to move money around depending on over or underspend.

It allows you to easily connect all bank accounts together and shares regular reports to keep you up to date on how your saving is going. Not one to shy away from fun, the platform also encourages users to save money each month for larger expenses such as holidays or birthday gifts.

Do you use your smartphone to save cash? Post your favourite apps in the comments.