Sony Could Launch Three Snapdragon 660 Xperia Phones At Mwc 2018

Sony Could Launch Three Snapdragon 660 Xperia Phones At MWC 2018

We already know that Sony will be at MWC 2018 and a recent teaser has confirmed that Sony will have a new phone that they will be unveiling. It has been largely speculated that this could be the Xperia XZ2, but now thanks to a bunch of benchmarks, it appears that Sony could have more than one handset to announce.

The names of the phones are unclear, but they have the model numbers H31XX, H41XX, and H42XX and one of the features that they all share, is that they will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chipset. It also appears that in terms of RAM, two of the models will come with 3GB, while the other will come with 4GB.

Also based on the model numbers, it seems that there is a good chance that the H42XX could be a variant of the H41XX, although exactly what family of phones the handsets will fall under is anyone’s guess. In any case Sony will be at MWC 2018 which is taking place next week, so we guess it won’t be much longer until we see what the company has to offer.

In the meantime it’s good to see that despite Sony reducing focus on certain markets that they still have quite a number of handsets in the works. Whether or not they’ll make their way stateside remains to be seen.

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