Sony Digital Paper The New Choice For Paperless Professionals

Sony Digital Paper the New Choice for Paperless ProfessionalsSony and Worldox are demonstrating Digital Paper at the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) 2014 show. The two companies first unveiled the new Sony electronic document device at the ABA Tech Show in March and demand for Digital Paper continues to rise across all areas of the legal market.

Since its introduction, law firms, legal research organizations and law libraries are increasingly recognizing the benefits of this technology and embracing how going paperless can transform their organizations.

“Market feedback has been exceptional for Digital Paper,” said Ray Zwiefelhofer, President, World Software Corporation. “Our customers are enjoying its note-taking feature and the ability to save documents to the Worldox matter file. They can transfer large case files to the device for use during a deposition or in a court room, replacing what normally would be boxes of paper. Sony really hit a home run by creating this new category of device that’s so perfectly suited to the legal market.”

Legal professionals have taken notice of how Digital Paper can make their professional life easier and more efficient.

“Digital Paper is a remarkably thin and light device for keeping all your digital documents and notes,” said Robert J. Ambrogi, a Massachusetts lawyer specializing in law, media and technology. “A stylus enables handwriting, either to mark up and annotate documents, or to take handwritten notes. The handwriting feels as close to real pen and paper handwriting as I could imagine a digital device ever achieving.”

Michigan-based attorney Scott Bassett, Esq., agrees: “Sony’s Digital Paper is the ultimate document briefcase, reader, and annotator for litigators. I do appellate litigation and keep all the documents for every active file on Digital Paper. I read and annotate all my trial transcripts on the device and mark up the other side’s briefs with notes on how to respond. Then I use the device during my appeal arguments with all the briefs and key transcripts open, tabbed and ready to access. Because I travel by air to my appeal arguments, I now take only Digital Paper with me to court. It greatly reduces what I need to carry.”

A New Way to Read, Write, Annotate and Share

Following Sony’s announcements at the American Bar Association Tech Show in March, the Hollywood IT Summit in April, American Association of Law Libraries in July and now ILTA, Sony continues to develop new markets for Digital Paper in collaboration with publishing and technology companies that serve sectors still burdened with paper and are obvious beneficiaries of Digital Paper.

“Too often, professionals adapt their work practices to fit available technologies, instead of finding new technologies that enhance their work practices,” said Bill Bourke, National Sales Manager, Digital Paper Solutions, for Sony Electronics. “Digital Paper complements a professional’s other devices, offering a better tool for immersive reading, annotating documents, and handwriting notes. These are just some of the reasons why more legal professionals are realizing the potential of Digital Paper to improve their work output.”

The device’s touch panel enables users to operate the menu or turn pages by simply touching the screen. Using the included stylus, individuals can write fluidly and directly on the panel, and also easily highlight and erase text, for a familiar and comfortable writing experience.

Key features and functions of Sony’s Digital Paper include:

World’s thinnest, lightest body among devices with comparable screen sizes (approximately 9/32” and 12.6 oz.); slightly thicker than 30 sheets of paper
13.3 -inch electronic paper display (screen size measured diagonally)
High contrast display (1200 x 1600 dots), 16-level gray scale, incorporating “E Ink Mobius” technology from E Ink Corporation
No backlight enabling text to be read clearly, even in bright sunlight
Built-in Wi-Fi functionality allowing file sharing over a wireless network
Rechargeable thin lithium-ion battery – up to 3 weeks use on a single charge
AC adapter or USB rechargeable (computer-based charging)
Storage – approximately 2,800 PDF files; internal memory of 4 GB coupled with micro SD card slot for additional storage
Touch panel (IR touch) compatible with electromagnetic induction-type touch pen input
Dimensions – of approximately 9 1/4” width by 12 1/4” height by 9/32” depth (thickness)
Weight of approximately 12.6 ounces
Sony’s Digital Paper is currently available, with a suggested list price of $1,100.