Sony Expands Line Of Ultra - Fast Sxs Professional Memory Cards For 4k Video Capture And High - Bandwidth Workflows

Sony Expands Line Of Ultra-Fast SxS Professional Memory Cards For 4K Video Capture And High-Bandwidth WorkflowsSony’s newest additions to its SxS line of professional memory cards are designed for stable and reliable capture of high frame rate 4K video content. Achieving ultra-fast read and write speeds, the new cards are ideal for use with Sony’s large sensor 4K camera technologies, giving content creators more flexibility and creative options for 4K, 2K or HD acquisition and production.

Using the new cards, ultra-fast maximum read speeds of up to 3.5Gbps (440MB/s) and write speeds of up to 2.8Gbps (350MB/s) can be achieved. The new PRO + Series model numbers are SBP-64C and SBP-128C. The new SxS-1 Series models are SBS-32G1B, SBS-64G1B and the newest 128GB model, SBS-128G1B.

“This new enhanced SxS memory card lineup enables future camera developments, including 4K video capture at higher frame rates, meeting the continually evolving demands of the professional market,” said Bill Cubellis, Director of Professional Media Sales & Marketing at Sony Electronics.

The new cards use an advanced interface “PCIe Generation2” and newly developed intelligent controller to double high-speed data transfer rates and reduce ingest time by approximately 50 percent, compared to previous SxS models.

The new SxS PRO+ and SxS-1’s higher transfer speeds also offer high-speed ingest when used with Sony’s new SxS Reader Writer (SBAC-US30 or UT100) and Sony’s PSZSA25 solid state drive.

This powerful combination dramatically reduces transfer times even for large, data-intensive 4K video files. For example, 120GB of video files of XAVC 4K 60p can be transferred to a solid state drive for backup in approximately 5 minutes, compared to 17 minutes with current SxS memory cards and professional hard drives.

Sony’s SxS PRO+ series offers an unprecedented minimum writing speed of 1.3 Gbps for stable recording of 4K video in XAVC 4K 60P (600Mbps) and XAVC HD 180P (600Mbps) modes. This is enabled through an efficient data writing method made possible by the new controller and intelligence functions that avoid speed degradation when used with compatible Sony cameras such as the F5 and F55.

The SxS memory cards use the industry-standard PCIe platform as an interface to realize higher transfer speeds up to 8 Gbps (or 1,000 MB/s, theoretical maximum speed with 3rd generation).

All speeds noted are based on Sony internal testing and actual speeds may vary based on individual conditions and the equipment used.

The cards offer wear-leveling (data-defect minimizing function) and data refreshing capabilities, and each is subjected to a series of strict quality assurance tests including checks on recording blocks, temperature cycles and operating environment.

In addition to its outstanding high frame rate capture capability, the new cards offer the proven reliability of SxS memory cards combined with data-error correction, a data-defect minimizing function for secure data recording and a “power failure management” function for re-creating video clips in case of sudden power loss or accidental card ejection during recording. Its high-reliability is continuously verified through strict inspections and various tests throughout the manufacturing process. In the event of data loss or other incidents, users can retrieve contact information for Sony technical support through a QR (quick response) code embedded onto the cards.

The SxS PRO+ series also supports the “lifetime indication function” of the F55 and F5 cameras. Sony’s new application software, “Memory Media Utility,” allows users to manage their SxS memory cards with features such as the library function, remaining media lifetime/capacity indicator, simultaneous data back-up to three locations, and quick/full formatting function for both FAT32 and UDF file systems.

 SERIES             MODELS                                                   AVAILABLE

PRO +                  SBP-64C and SBP-128C                               November 2014

SxS 1 G                 SBS-32G1B, SBS-64G1B, SBS-128G1B     January 2015

The warranty period of the SxS memory cards will 10 years from date of purchase for the new models’ being introduced.