Sony Expands Line Of Ultra - Fast Xqd Memory Cards For Seamless And Stable Professional 4k Shooting

Sony Expands Line of Ultra-Fast XQD Memory Cards for Seamless and Stable Professional 4K ShootingSony’s newest XQD high-speed memory cards give users more options for shooting and working within today’s 4K and file-based workflows.

The new S Series of XQD cards is designed for professional 4K shooting with its ultra-fast data transfer speed of up to 180MB/s (read/write) and supports stable workflows at XAVC 4K Intra 4:2:2 (4096×2160/60p, 600Mbps). Sony’s new XQD N series gives consumers an affordable entry-level option that supports consumer 4K shooting. Each series includes a 32 GB and 64 GB capacity card.

The S Series features a Wear Leveling Function, Error Correction Code, Data Refresh Function and other new features to enable secure and stable recording of 4K content, helping to meet the rigorous demands faced by professionals.

“With 4K content and larger file sizes more common now, memory card development has to keep pace,” said Viviano Cantu, director of consumer media marketing for Sony Electronics. “These new cards deliver the stability, speed, and workflow efficiency that today’s shooter needs.”

The XQD S series’ fast transfer speed is achieved through the combination of a new intelligent controller, the use of high speed flash memory and a speed degradation avoiding function that promotes efficient data-writing. The new cards also support the burst mode and high definition (HD) video shooting capabilities of DSLRs.

The new XQD S series supports Sony’s newest professional 4K camcorder, the PXW-Z100, (XAVC, 4K 4096×2160, 60p), while the new XQD N series supports Sony’s first consumer 4K camcorder, FDR-AX1 (XAVC S, 4K (3940×2160, 60p). Both series are recommended for use in the FDR-AX1 model.

The new XQD N and S series are planned to be available in October and November, respectively, at the following retail prices:

XQD N Series – 32 GB $109; 64 GB $219

XQD S Series – 32 GB $229; 64 GB $369