Sony : Introducing Xperia Photo Academy – 3 Professional Photographers Show What They Can Do With Xperia Z3

Sony Xperia Z3Today we’re announcing a unique collaboration with internationally respected photographers, Greg Funnell, Ben Thomas and J.N. Silva, who have each used our Xperia™ Z3 or Xperia™ Z3 Compact, to photograph a collection of images showcasing their interpretation of ‘greatness’ captured with the smartphone.

The press kit, featuring all of the photographs from Greg Funnell, Ben Thomas and J.N. Silva, as well as their biographies, is available to download here. Alternatively, you can just download high-res versions of the images that feature below from our image gallery.

The imagery from each photographer will showcase how everyday lives can be captured and transformed into beautiful photography, highlighting how each photographer’s unique style is complemented by the camera capabilities of Xperia Z3 series smartphones.

Xperia Z3 is Sony Mobile’s flagship device and features Sony’s award-winning Cyber-shot™ and Handycam™ technology. With the combination of a 20.7MP 1/2.3” Exmor RS for mobile sensor, BIONZ for mobile processing engine and 25mm G Lens plus the world’s first ISO 12800 sensitivity in a smartphone*, the Xperia Z3 allows users to capture every moment in the highest quality and in stunning detail, even in low-light.

Each photographer used these market-leading capabilities of Xperia Z3 to capture a collection of inspiring and beautiful photography. An extension of Sony Mobile’s challenge to consumers to ‘demand great’ from their smartphone experience, each collection is also inspired by the theme of showcasing greatness. The three collections bring the smartphone’s advanced camera features to life in the fields of low-light photography, perspective photography and contrast photography.

The collaboration will also see the launch of the Xperia Photo Academy – an online photography hub, with tutorial guides, for both professional and amateur photographers, using Sony Mobile’s Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact smartphones.

A look at London after dark

Professional British photographer Greg Funnell, a passionate visual explorer, used the Xperia Z3’s camera, which comes with ISO 12800 sensitivity for superior photos in low-light, to capture London’s grand cityscape at night. Greg’s images show the vast range of capabilities of the camera and it’s potential to operate in low-light conditions.

Greg commented, “A lot of my work focuses on capturing mood and atmosphere – and so much of this comes down to lighting. The Xperia Z3 works really well in low-light, so it has enabled me to shoot on my phone what I previously would have had to shoot on my DSLR.

“With a powerful camera built into a smartphone that’s always with me, I have the freedom to visually explore London’s vibrant nightlife – capturing the city as it comes alive after dark.”

Melbourne in miniature

An established form of perspective photography, ‘tilt shift’ is making waves in the industry and has developed a cult following. Australian photographer Ben Thomas has previously commissioned a series of images using the method in his project ‘Cityshrinker’.

Working with Sony Mobile, he developed his approach using the Xperia Z3 Compact smartphone’s ‘Creative Effect’ camera app, selecting the ‘Miniature’ effect, to capture iconic landmarks across Melbourne and transforming them into miniature worlds, playing with perspective in an interesting way.

Ben said, “As I was developing the photographs for my ‘Cityshrinker’ project, I used specialised tilt shift camera lenses to create the miniature effect and it’s incredible to think that I was able to achieve the miniaturisation effect using the Xperia Z3 Compact camera.

“The smartphone easily captures images and provides a simple process that you can play about with, to create your own photos with the tilt shift effect. Anybody who is interested in the style should definitely try it out, as you can produce something that is both visually striking and endlessly creative.”

Contrast lighting in the concrete jungle

Based in New York City, J.N. Silva used the Xperia Z3 to capture the shadows of the city through harsh light and contrast; styles that he is most often identified with. For his shoot, J.N. looked at architecture, rooftops and street art in the concrete jungle as his source of inspiration. His work also captured portraits of every day New Yorkers during their daily commute.

J.N. commented, “The Xperia Z3’s incredible camera allowed me to really capture the expansive detail of one of the world’s most beloved and recognisable cities. During the shoot, I really wanted to communicate my daily perspective on an ever-morphing metropolis by capturing the immense scale and unique light that NYC can offer, while demonstrating the impressive, advanced features of the camera.”

Xperia Photo Academy

As part of Sony Mobile’s Xperia Photo Academy initiative, each photographer has also produced online tutorials, encouraging people to use their Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact smartphone cameras to the fullest by following in their steps.

Whether budding or amateur photographers want tips on how to capture the best shots in low-light, experiment with new styles in contrast or get creative with a popular trend in perspective photography, the online hub offers insight and inspiration, encouraging people to get creative with their smartphone photography. Tips from each photographer will be shared over the coming six weeks, with the first set of tips, by J.N. Silva, available today on Sony Mobile’s Facebook Page. Every second week, a new collection and set of tips will be shared across Sony Mobile’s Facebook channel – each time highlighting a different photography style.

Aspiring photographers are also encouraged to submit their photography to Sony Mobile for the chance to win an Xperia Z3 series smartphone, with winners being chosen in conjunction with the photographers themselves. Entries can be submitted by visiting the Sony Mobile page at

The Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact devices are available globally now.

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