Sony Is Heavily Invested In Having Virtual Reality

Sony Is Heavily Invested in Having Virtual Reality Even though EA is refraining from joining in the virtual-reality playground, Sony seems to be intent into making it an integral part of its future.
"It's definitely more than an experiment. We've made some commitments; we're putting significant investment into the product," Sony UK boss Andrew House said.

Sony put some similar investment into 3D gaming tech on the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, only to completely drop the technology on the PlayStation 4 next-gen console.

"With Oculus we saw this groundswell of game development that didn't necessarily have a monetizable or a business option, but [developers were] so passionate about this space that they were doing this essentially in their spare time," he points out.

"It struck that me that if there's a variety of game developers showing interest in this space then it's probably time to jump in and see if we can play a part and give them the tools they're looking for," House concludes.