Sony Kaz Hirai Pledges To Continue To "wow" Customers With Ps4 And Services

Sony Kaz Hirai Pledges to Continue to "Wow" Customers with PS4 and ServicesKaz Hirai, the CEO of Sony and former PlayStation overseer, pledges to continue to expand on the PlayStation brand through the massive popularity of the PS4, while delighting fans from around the world with different kinds of entertainment.

The PS4 is doing very well nowadays, managing to break sales records and having reached 18.5 million units sold worldwide as of January 4, but Sony's overall business is still struggling. From mobile phones and devices, to Bravia TVs or the movies, 2014 has still been tough for the large Japanese corporation.
The PS4 will lead Sony through the murky waters

However, current Sony boss Kaz Hirai, who took the CEO position after leading the PlayStation division, is confident that the PS4 will carry Sony as a whole over this troubled period.

While talking at CES 2015, via DualShockers, the executive first emphasized the performance of the new console, saying that it once again reminds customers that Sony can provide great experiences, especially when it comes to entertainment.

"First, the success of PlayStation 4 has enabled a broadening world of PlayStation. The PS4 Platforms has been providing more immersive games than ever before, and allows PlayStation fans to enjoy a wide variety of game content, […] acclaimed blockbuster titles, as well as great network services including socially connected experiences," he explains.
Customers will continue to be wowed by Sony's efforts

Thanks to the PS4 as a whole, the PlayStation Network online service, and other features like the PlayStation Now cloud streaming system, Hirai is confident that all sorts of fans will find something attractive on the PS4.

The gaming focus will still be preserved, according to the executive, as Sony's internal teams, its third-party partners, as well as many independent developers are all working on PS4 experiences that will wow fans.

"PlayStation 4 continues to attract our valued users while providing the best place to play, and together with our third party developers and publishers, including a remarkable group of independent game developers, we will continue to provide the best entertainment available, while delivering Sony signature 'WOW' to our valued customers," he adds.