Sony Media Apps Update Rolling Globally – Walkman, Album & Movies In 30secs

Sony media apps update rolling globally – WALKMAN, Album & Movies in 30secsHi everyone, a quick note – from today, we’re globally rolling updated versions* of Sony’s media apps.

The thinking behind the latest version is to provide a more converged and full Sony entertainment experience – Sony Entertainment Network**& PlayMemories integration with a slicker / smoother UI, performance tweaks and more!

I asked Maiko Ishida (one of the brains behind Sony’s media apps; WALKMAN, Album & Movies) with telling us all you need to know about the update in 30 seconds – so, here goes:

What’s the main change?

We’ve integrated Sony’s cloud music, video and photo services into Album, Movies, and “WALKMAN” app

What’s the single coolest feature that people should be aware of?


More content = more entertainment experiences within Sony’s media apps! If you’re stuck on getting started, each app has intelligent “recommendation” functions – for example, WALKMAN lets you choose from suggested theme, mood, or whatever your friends might be listening to.

What are the key principles that underline the changes?

Sony has unique access to hardware, tech, content, artists, filmographers (I could go on…) across the group. With the next-gen Sony’s media apps, we’re giving this very access to users – the full Sony experience :) But this is just the start… we’re planning to give our users further updates in the coming months!

Thanks to Maiko for (30secs of) her time!

Now, here’s a closer look at some of the standout features / additions:


Sony’s Music Unlimited integration – with universal search across local and cloud content…
New social features making it easy to discover, play and share tunes on your social channels
Gapless, smooth playback

PlayMemories Online integration – ability to upload to, access, browse your PlayMemories library in the cloud
Recall Playback, that intelligently displays and reminds you of memories, occasions and events
Favourites – let’s you *star* your best snaps, for easy viewing later

Seamless access to Sony’s Video Unlimited
A revamped UI with a banner video function for trailers and recently played videos
The update will be available for Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia ZR and Xperia Tablet Z (& Xperia Z Ultra) users running JB 4.2 – you’ll receive a notification when it’s available, and following that, you’ll be able to download/install over-the-air via Update Center, from which you’ll also be able to launch the new apps straight away.

*Timing and availability may vary by market and/or carrier

**Only available in certain markets