Sony Mobile - Let Xperia Owners Delete The Facebook App

Sony Mobile – Let Xperia owners delete the Facebook app


The huge controversy surrounding Facebook in recent days highlights the importance of our privacy and how user data is collected and used. There is a growing movement looking to delete Facebook across the world.

The issue for Xperia owners is that Sony does not allow its users to delete the app – you can only allow disable it, which is a half-measure. Plus, some users would still have concerns that even in this situation, Facebook can still track you.

Over the last few years, Sony’s bloatware has increased without allowing you to delete any of the superfluous apps. If Sony values their user’s privacy and data, then they need to allow us to take back a bit of control and delete Facebook. We will be reaching out to Sony to comment, but in the meantime, make some noise, let Sony know that you are unhappy about this and hopefully we can do something about getting some privacy back.


It's inexcusable that Sony does not allow Xperia users to delete the Facebook app even if they wanted to. One can only disable the app, which is not good enough.

— Xperia Blog (@XperiaBlog) March 21, 2018

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