Sony : Our Pick Of The Best New Smartwatch Apps…

Sony : Our pick of the best new SmartWatch apps…Last month we pushed a new software update for SmartWatch, which along with a few tweaks and improvements, included some neat new features – six new watch faces, notification previews, smoother app search and more. We also noted Google Play’s current tally of more than 200 SmartWatch apps (with new additions every day) – so, we’ve decided to share our current top picks.*

Without further ado…

SmartWatch Universal IM

This app collates all notifications from your different IM accounts – it’s Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, Google Voice, and more all rolled into one … who said we all couldn’t just get along?

Augmented Traffic

Grab real-time traffic cam images based on your location, wherever you are. Just swipe left to right to reveal what upcoming traffic looks like – and to get a feeling for how long you’ll be gridlocked for…

Find Phone – Smart Extras

Because we know you’ve been there – tearing apart your bedroom in search of your phone only to discover hours later it was sitting in your back pocket. With our very own “Find Phone”, you can use your SmartWatch as a remote to make your phone beep or vibrate, so you can find it in an instant.

A007 Spy

Bond used an Xperia T in the field last time out in Skyfall, and this app seems fitting for budding-Bonds. Users can record anything with this app simply by swiping your watch to the right. On a side note, this app may be the official demise of the phrase “off the record” – you’ve been warned.


Because, really, no device is complete these days if you can’t play Sudoku on it. KastenTech’s version Includes 40 Sudoku puzzles with four difficulty settings with ten levels each.


For those classic Tetris lovers, this modern version of the all time favorite is available exclusively for Sony SmartWatch.


No, this isn’t an app that turns your watch into a bubble machine. Rather, it’s another classic game, Bubble Breaker. Select a uniform color group of bubbles and click to destroy them. We promise it’s trickier than it sounds.

Custom Watch

Some days you feel like going analog, other days you want digital… along with six new watch faces in our last update, a number of SmartWatch apps let you customize your Sony timepiece. “Custom Watch” is no exception; it gives you with 14 individual watch designs, with 6 digital and 8 analog clocks. You also have fully creative control over text, background colors, clocksize, and clock position.


Discover the infinity and beyond (sorry) from your SmartWatch. The planetarium app provides key facts about your favorite celestial objects, unleashing the inner astronomy geek in all of us!


The app that let’s your browse the web from your SmartWatch– it’s how you know the future has arrived.

Feel free to drop any SmartWatch apps you feel worth highlighting below! It’s also worth noting, SmartWatch apps are added to Google Play every day and if you’re a developer, you might want to check out the Sony SmartWatch SDK on Developer World – it’s open and available for third parties to create their own apps.

*It’s worth noting certain apps were developed by the great indy developer community, therefore we can’t always guarantee full compatibility