Sony: Playstation 4 Aims To Surpass Ps2 Lifetime Sales

Sony: PlayStation 4 Aims to Surpass PS2 Lifetime SalesThe PlayStation 4 has performed better than expected since it was launched and the next-gen home consoles from Sony also seem to be doing well in Japan, which prompts the company to believe that it can deliver better lifetime sales than the PS2.

Hiroshi Kawano, who leads the Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia division, believes that the popularity of the older device will be hard to match, but the new platform has the features to at least try, in the long term.

He tells InsideGames that, “As we all know, unfortunately the sales of the PS3 didn’t even get near the sales of the PS2. It may be difficult for a home console now, but I think we shouldn’t say it’s impossible unconditionally.”

The executive adds, “However, I believe it’s possible to expand the popularity of the PS4 by providing a rich gaming experience and making use of the fusion of network service and high performance that is possible only on home consoles. When we talk on whether it’ll match the sales of the PS2 numerically, we’ll have to do our best in the future.”

At the moment, lifetime sales for the PlayStation 2 have gone over the 155 million mark, while the PS4 currently stands over 5 million after three months on the market.