Sony Playstation App Releases November 13 For Android & Ios

Sony PlayStation App releases November 13 for Android & iOSSony has announced that the PlayStation App will be made available for free across iOS and Android devices on Nov. 13 in North America and Nov. 15 in Europe.

The PlayStation App is Sony’s answer to Microsoft’s own intuitive brand of second screen interaction (Smart Glass) and as such affords many of the same kinds of content for PS4 owners.

The app itself will be made available a few days before the PlayStation 4?s official launch, and can be used on both iOS- and Android-powered devices. The software facilitates Sony’s aim to create a solidified eco-system across various devices, and with Gaikai rolling out next year, we will likely see Sony’s vision come to fruition.

Specifically the PS App allows users to manage and interact with a variety of content on the PlayStation Network, including perusing user profiles, sending messages to friends as well as browsing news and updates on the official PlayStation website. Gamers will also be able to use their devices as a remote control for the system, akin to Smart Glass’ mirrored feature.

One of the most interesting features of the app is that it lets users spectate live gameplay broadcasts and leave comments, which should open up a variety of interesting opportunities.

In some games, like the PS4?s pre-installed Game Room, the PlayStation App can be used for unique second screen experiences. Within the Game Room players can draw images on their mobile devices and fling them towards the television, where the drawings are instantly rendered in virtual 3-D images.