Sony Playstation Network Friends List's Massive Boost Available Now

Sony PlayStation Network friends list's massive boost available nowSo those of you that had previously hit the 100 friend limit on the PSN, I have some great news!
You can now add up to the new limit of 2000 so time to get adding your next gen buddies!

Note: PS4 supports up to 2,000 online friends, an expansion of the 100 friends limit for the PS3 system. On PS4 you can quickly expand your friend list by connecting with people you’ve played with recently as it does on the PS3 system.

The PS3 system will continue to support up to 100 friends at one time. If you build a friend list bigger than 100 on PS4/Vita, network servers will automatically filter your friend’s list when you play on a PS3 system. Additionally, you will be able to set and lock a pre-determined friends list to be used while you play on the PS3 system if you wish. Support for the ability to display all of your friends in most applications and games is planned, however, some titles will be limited to the current 100 Friends limit.