Sony Playstation Tv Hacked Allows Added Flexibility

Sony PlayStation TV Hacked Allows Added FlexibilityThe PlayStation TV from Sony made its way over to the US in October last year, and there has been not much news about this particular living room peripheral since then. I suppose it more or less existed, and did not really light up the market, but this does not mean that it has not received the attention of those those are curious to know how things run in the back end. In other words, hackers. Well, it seems that the PlayStation TV has been hacked, which would allow it to run just about everything.

There are some rather strange quirks in the PlayStation TV, where it does not run every single Vita game flawlessly, since issues pertaining to the touchscreen in select titles crop up from time to time, among others. This new hack might be the fix that frustrated users are looking for, allowing it to run just about everything without a hitch. All that you need to do is to email the files to yourself, followed by opening them in the built-in email app – or so it has been claimed.