Sony: Playstation Vr Now Supports 360 - Degree Youtube Videos

Sony: PlayStation VR Now Supports 360-Degree YouTube Videos360-degree videos on YouTube aren’t new. They’ve been around for awhile now but the good news is that if you wanted to be able to enjoy it on your PlayStation VR, you can now do so. This is according to an announcement on the PlayStation Blog in which Sony announced the support of the feature.

According to Sony’s blog post, “The latest update – released today – adds support for YouTube’s rapidly expanding library of virtual reality videos, allowing PS4 and PS VR users to once again step beyond the screen and explore detailed 360° worlds as though they were standing right there.”
Accessing the feature is simple as all users have to do is download the update and they’ll be good to go. For those unfamiliar, 360-degree YouTube videos is where videos can be explored in 360-degree view. On computers the feature isn’t quite as useful as users have to use their mouse to navigate the view.
However on mobile devices and VR headsets, it lets users watch the videos in a more “natural” way by turning their head or moving it up and down, giving them the sense that they are in the video itself. This should be a welcome update for PlayStation VR users so if you do own the headset, maybe you might want to check it out.