Sony Ps4 Sales In Uk Might Have Surged As Well Last Week

Sony PS4 Sales In UK Might Have Surged As Well Last WeekEven since both new consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, came out in November last year analysts and fans alike have been keeping an eye on the competition between them.

In most of the markets , Sony PS4 managed to beat Xbox One . However last week it was reported that the Xbox One sales had gotten a big boost over in the UK, sales apparently jumped 96 percent. If that happened, it could be attributed to the launch of Titanfall, a much awaited title for the console.

A report suggests that this boost really might not have helped Xbox One leave its rival behind.

MCV UK’s editor Christopher Dring heard from his retail sources that PS4 sales also surged by 72.4 percent. Titanfall wouldn’t have had anything to do with it, since its not available for this console. Instead it is believed that the boost may simply be due to an injection of new inventory.