Sony Releases Four New Playmemories Camera Apps

Sony Releases Four New PlayMemories Camera AppsNippon electronics maker Sony has recently announced the availability of four new PlayMemories camera apps compatible with the firm's NEX-5R, NEX-5T, and NEX-6 interchangeable lens cameras.

The newly released Catch Light, ID Photo, Stop Motion, and Snapshot Me aim to bring the features you have always wanted on your Sony mirrorless camera, and are currently going through the beta stage. Let's take a closer look at each app and see what it's capable of.

Catch Light does exactly what its name says, it allows you to add beautiful bright highlights to your subject's pupils that resemble daylight reflections or various types of flashes. All you have to do is select the portrait you want to retouch and the application will do the rest all by itself. It will automatically identify faces and place the desired type of catch light directly on the pupils, enhancing your portraits.

If you want to take an ID-like photo with your Sony mirrorless camera, the ID Photo app will help you get the best results with minimum effort. The application comes with various presets that include photo formats and paper sizes, and it will automatically adjust the image to fit the selected preset.

Stop Motion is another great app that can come in handy when you want to create fun time-lapse videos. The tool will continuously take photos and combine them into stop motion animations, allowing you to unleash your creative side.

Finally, the Snapshot Me app is probably the tool you have always been waiting for. If you are traveling a lot and asking strangers to take your picture near a sightseeing spot, with Snapshot Me you can now rest assured that your photo will never come out badly framed.