Sony Rx10 Just Got Better, Adds Higher - Quality Video Recording

Sony RX10 Just Got Better, Adds Higher-Quality Video RecordingThe Sony Cyber-Shot RX10 is quite a powerful shooter, but it isn't perfect. For example, until now it lacked the ability to shoot high-quality and XAVC-video.

It also retailed for $1,300 / €989, which is quite a lot to say the least. We are saying until now, because Sony has recently rolled out a firmware update, in the form of build 2.00 which will bring about the capability of shooting 60p, 30p, 24p and 120p movies in XAVC formats that support high bit-rates.

At the same time, Sony has slashed off the price for the device, so customers interested in picking it up today will be able to do so for $1,000 / €761.

Of course, the camera remains quite expensive, but we dare say the discount is quite considerable. Basically, the RX10 camera is now capable of achieving more for less.

Now, let’s go back a little to firmware update and talk about it some more. We’d like to point out what those high bit rates actually are. Your camera will be gaining support for 50p/25 (1920 x 1080), 100p (1280x720), 60p/30p/24p (1920 x 1080) and 120p (1280 x 720).

We should also highlight that in order to shoot movies in these formats, class 10 SDXC memory cards (or faster) are in order.

So before getting started with the firmware update, you’ll need to have one of these compatible cards. After which all you need to do is download the executable onto your desktop (which is compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista 7, 8 and 8.1 OS).

Now you’ll need to shut down any programs you might be running in the background because they might be interfering with the upgrade and we don’t want that. Afterwards, run the “Update_DSCRX10V200.exe” file and a bunch of instructions will show up. Follow them in order to complete the update.

The process seems seamless enough, but take into account that your battery should be fully charged in order to prevent the camera from shutting down when you least expect it. Because if it does shut down, you’ll be faced with some serious issues, including a device malfunction.

Another advice we have for you is that you be careful to change your setting so you don’t have your device enter sleep mode.