Sony Shows Triple Stream Robotic Camera At Infocomm 2016

Sony Shows Triple Stream Robotic Camera at Infocomm 2016Sony is expanding its line of SRG robotic cameras with the introduction of the SRG-360SHE 30x robotic model at InfoComm 2016.
The SRG-360SHE is designed for use in classrooms, courtrooms, boardrooms, houses of worship and other settings where full HD visual communications are crucial.
This new model builds on the success of the SRG-300SE by adding power over Ethernet (PoE+) and triple simultaneous video and audio streaming (embedded audio in IP, HDMI and 3G-SDI). The simultaneous output of 1080/60p baseband video through the three streaming outputs makes it ideal for webcasting and viewing while simultaneously recording live events.

“With the addition of the SRG-360SHE, Sony’s SRG lineup sets a new standard for robotic cameras,” said Terry Huber, Sony Electronics’ Senior Marketing Manager, Remote Communications Group. “The new camera includes a rich set of features such as VIEW-DR and XDNR technologies for clear images in challenging lighting conditions and some newly enhanced PTZ functions. It’s perfect in applications where events need to be streamed live and then made available later for on-demand viewing, including college lectures, religious ceremonies, or news events.”

Professional-Looking Results Made Easy

In addition to the triple streaming outputs, other advances in the SRG-360SHE include a series of enhanced PTZ capabilities to produce professional-looking results even with non-professional camera operators. ‘Semi-Synchronous Simultaneous Motion’ improves transitions between subjects, delivering smooth, coordinated camera motion that does not distract viewers. A Slow P/T setting allows for precise tracking of objects or people, for example, a speaker walking across a stage. PTZ Trace Memory provides the ability to store a sequence of camera movements as a preset. With “trace,” a complicated series of motions/commands can be carried out flawlessly and replicated as needed.

The SRG-360SHE also incorporates audio enhancements to produce content that sounds as good as it looks. Its innovative auto lip-sync function fixes one of the most distracting audio issues — signal delays between audio and video. Auto lip-sync compensates for these issues so a speaker’s words match the video. Lip-sync is achieved by the camera embedding stereo audio in all three outputs.

The two 3.5 mm audio inputs are Mic/Line selectable and can provide plug-in power. A new onboard equalizer and auto level control enhances stereo audio from an optional connected stereo microphone or from line inputs.

The SRG-360SHE’s new capabilities are built on the solid functionality common to the entire SRG line. Sony View-DR and XDNR technologies provide clear images in low light environments and reduce noise. Pan/Tilt/Zoom controls are operated by VISCA protocols through either the RS-422 (serial) connector or RJ-45 (IP) connection allowing for local or remote operation and easy cabling.

The camera is compatible with Sony’s RM-IP10 IP Remote Controller to enable comfortable P/T/Z operation with an optical three-axis joystick. With 16 programmable presets, operators can click from one camera shot to another without having to reframe the scene. This makes for smooth transitions rather than jarring shifts. The SRG-360SHE’s built-in CGI gives complete flexibility for video professionals and provides full access to camera function such as exposure, white balance and gain.

The SRG-360SHE is scheduled to be available end of summer 2016. Pricing will be announced when released.