Sony #smartwatch2: Fun & Games, Best Social Apps And More!

Sony #SmartWatch2: fun & games, best social apps and more!The first post in our SW2 “shortie” series looked some of our favourite SmartWatch 2 apps for everyday life. In part two, we thought we’d take the time to show you SmartWatch 2’s more fun, social… arguably less-productive side…

Here goes:


SmartWatch 2 now lets you social-ise from your wrist – scan Facebook notifications, read messages and access your news feed. You never have miss out on knowing what your colleague had for dinner or watching the crazy cat video that everyone’s talking about!


Tweeters send in excess of over 500 million 140-character thoughts, musings, ramblings and snaps of “that burger” every day…

With the SW2 Twitter app; get instant access to your Twitter feed, see what’s landed in your inbox and read your @’s. You can even RT and view your favourite saved searches direct from SW2.

WhatsApp Alerts

WhatsApp Alerts on SW2 is a must-have for WhatsApp addicts (we all know one). In case you didn’t know (where have you been?), WhatsApp is a mobile messaging app allowing you to exchange IMs with friends without having to use SMS. With WhatsApp Alerts, whenever you get a get a WhatsApp message, SW2 will notify you so you can read the message from your wrist.

Now your connected socially on SW2, have some fun with some games…

Blackjack for Smartwatch

Hit / Stick? The house always wins? SW2 is *the house* with this easy-to-use Blackjack app, so give it a go?

Snake for SmartWatch

Ah, the nostalgia. Go retro with Snake, the all-time classic mobile game re-imagined for SW2 – on your wrist.

BubbleBreaker for SmartWatch

BubbleBreaker does exactly what it says on the tin: forever blowing (up) bubbles.

That’s your lot for now. Big thanks for all your comments on our last SmartWatch 2 post. We’re listening to you and will be introducing new watch faces and more fresh apps in the coming weeks. Keep letting us know your feedback and we’ll keep growing our SmartWatch 2 ecosystem – deal?

Don’t forget to look out for parts three and four in this blog series (each with additional videos!). Next we’ll be focusing on the best apps for fitness…

Over and out.
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