Sony Smartwig Patent App Surfaces With, Among Other Things, A Laser Pointer

Sony SmartWig patent app surfaces with, among other things, a laser pointerSony is attempting to patent a device it calls the SmartWig, which — as the name suggests — is a wig with technologies embedded. The idea is that the wig will communicate with a “secondary device” like a smartphone to give indicators for certain things like incoming messages. In addition, it is also proposed the SmartWig could house a camera and a laser pointer.

It would seem the SmartWig doesn’t have to be an entire wig, with the patent application stating that it would be “adapted to cover at least a part of a head of a user,” with the wig portion covering a sensor and a processor, among other possible hardware. The hardware could then provide an actuator that sends a single to the wearer when the secondary device receives a message, such as vibrating when you get an email.

The entire wearable is, at least on surface inspection, quite comical, but the this little snippet about a possible hardware add-on takes it to a new level.