Sony: The Best Podcast Apps For Android Smartphones

Sony: The best podcast apps for Android smartphonesIt’s summer holiday season and whether you’re jetting off for a beach break or city sightseeing weekend, there’s always that inevitable bit of travel to get through before you reach your dream destination.
Whether you’ve opted for a long or short-haul flight, we all know they can be a bit dull – and with the likelihood of seat kicking or someone hogging the armrest – sometimes all you want to do is switch off and tune into one of your favourite podcasts. We’re with you… so here at Sony, we’ve had a look into some of the best podcasting apps to get you from take off to touchdown.


A favourite of ours, BeyondPod gives you access to thousands of free podcasts from all over the world. It’s travel friendly too, with features allowing you to save episodes and playlists and listen anytime, anywhere.


With one of the most expansive podcast selections in the game, the audioBoom platform hosts the best of the best including daily shows from the likes of VICE, Sky News and the BBC. Its “Daily Download” feature automatically downloads two hours of your favourite audio each day, making it available offline and plane ready.

Pocket Casts

The only paid for app in the list – but it has its benefits. Pocket Casts is a premium podcasting app with a unique set of powerful features and a huge podcast database. Its editing software automatically cuts silences from episodes saving hours of listening time and the volume boost feature increases the volume of voices whilst decreasing background noise.


Create custom stations by pulling together your favourite shows and podcasts for an on-demand playlist for any time of the day. If you’re willing to part with a little money, upgrade the app for ad-free listening and original content from the team at Stitcher.

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