Sony : The Top Android Apps For Helping You Stick To New Year’s Resolutions

Sony : The top Android apps for helping you stick to New Year’s resolutionsWelcome to 2015! For those of you who made New Year’s resolutions, the reality of those personal promises of self improvement are probably beginning to hit home. So, to ease the burden we thought we’d help out a bit by highlighting some of the best Android apps out there for helping you stick to your word.

According to a Harris poll the most common resolutions included: save some money, get fit, get a new / better job and eat healthier, all of which are problems that have been tackled again and again by app developers, so we had a trawl through to highlight some of the best.

Save some money: There’s plenty of options here, though most of the great money saving apps only work with specific banks or in specific countries. We loved the intuitive interface for (US only) and have heard similar praise for the UK’s Money Dashboard. For those of you who want to be a bit more involved in the whole process, Money Lover is a good option, though this will require you to manually add what you’re spending to the app (vs. the automatic functions of dashboards like Mint). The whole mobile money space is moving really fast at the moment so it’s also worth noting some of the new “mobile first” banks that are starting up, mostly in the States as you’ll probably see more of these over 2015. Check out Moven and for good examples.

Get fit: Fitness apps are a huge deal on Android and, given the new wearables that are making it to market, they’re getting more and more powerful. If tracking your day-to-day movements is what you’re after, then our very own Lifelog app does that and loads more. For more sport-focussed mobile goodness check out Runkeeper, it’s an ideal runner’s companion and one made even more powerful if you have a SmartWatch 3 to go with it.

Get a new job: It’s hard to look beyond LinkedIn, the professional social media powerhouse, in this category. Its app came in for a bit of criticism when it first launched, but more recent versions have made huge strides forward and the result is now seriously powerful if you spend some time digging into all the features. It’s worth noting that our latest version of Info-eye integrates natively with LinkedIn so you can find people’s profiles by simply snapping a shot of their business card.

Eat healthier: If you’re looking to clean up your diet for the New Year, one app that really stands out is Fooducate. It’s a simple premise – you scan the barcode of food you’re buying and it tells you what’s really inside, plus offers you some more healthy alternatives.

Sticking to your New Year’s resolutions is never easy and no Android app is going to do all the hard work for you, but technology can play its part. We hope you found these suggestions useful and wish you good luck.