Sony Universal Remote Features Customizable Screen

Sony Universal Remote Features Customizable ScreenSony Corp released a universal remote that uses an electronic paper device and can display buttons chosen by the user.
The concept of the remote, "Huis Remote Controller Huis-100RC," passed an in-house audition. And a fund for commercializing it had been raised through crowdfunding since July 2015. While the goal was ¥5 million (approx US$43,871), ¥24.35 million was raised. Sony has already delivered the product to the supporters.

The remote is aimed at integrating infrared remote controls such as for TVs, air conditioners and lighting apparatuses into one remote and realizing a simple layout of buttons. For example, the following layouts are possible.

(1) Only the power button and buttons for adjusting sound volume can be displayed for TV operations.
(2) Only the power buttons for a TV, air conditioner and indoor lighting apparatus can be displayed so that they can be turned off at the same time.
(3) Illustrations drawn by the user can be displayed to make it easier for children to use the remote.

The operation screen is customized by using the remote and a personal computer. Also, to reduce power consumption and improve usability, Sony employed an electronic paper device with a very low power consumption for the display and enabled the remote to recognize that it has been held by the user by using an acceleration detection technology.

The remote comes with the signals of remotes of most manufacturers, but it can also learn new infrared signals emitted from other remotes. It is 123mm in length and 68mm in width, and its thickest part is 24mm in thickness. Its price is ¥27,950 (including tax). Sony plans to enable the remote to control home appliances via Bluetooth by making updates such as for adding a cradle.