Sony: What Are The Best Smartphone Beauty Apps?

Sony: What are the best smartphone beauty apps?We use our smartphones for an awful lot. Entertainment, productivity, information, communication, and more. In fact, turns out they can even help you look your best.
No, we’re not talking about checking out your reflection in the Luminous Chrome XZ Premium, we mean the extensive range of beauty apps that can be found on the Google Play Store.

Given Xperia XZ packs one of the best front-facing cameras in the business, we thought it could be the ideal device to put these apps through their paces.

Reality is, we’re more Qualcomm than Lancôme here at the Sony Mobile blog so we recruited an expert in the form of French beauty blogger Marine Moor to give us her verdict

Over to you Marine…

Hair Colour Studio: This app allows you to try out new hair colours and styles, a really great choice for anyone considering a new look this summer. You start by taking a selfie, and then highlighting the parts of your hair you would like to add colour to. You then select from a large variety of colour options, and choose your preferred intensity. The process is a little lengthy but the final effect is great, and gave me a realistic idea of what I would look like with blonde or even blue hair! I would recommend this app to everyone; it is a great way to see if you’d suit a whacky hair colour without having to sit in the hairdressers for three hours!

Makeup Genius: This was my favourite app of all. A really cool concept that allows you to test the beauty products in the L’Oreal range – A try before buy app. How does it work? Well, you choose the product you would like to test, take a photo of yourself using the selfie camera, and then voila, the app creates a makeup filter that gets applied directly to your face. The app also has a cool feature that allows you to add the beauty product to an online basket so you can buy the products needed to create the look at home. My favourite look was the ‘natural’ effect; the makeover is really realistic, almost as if a professional had done it. I will certainly keep the app, so I can test new L’Oreal products and would recommend it to any makeup mad girls out there.

Beauty Camera Photo: This app allows you to create new looks and edit photographs. I started by taking a photo of myself, and it offers you a choice of functions to choose from; retouch a photo, a makeover function which allows you to select from eyeliners, mascaras etc or a contouring function so you can add highlights to your face. My favourite was the makeup function, as I enjoyed adding a touch of mascara to my pictures.

Perfect365: This app is similar to Beauty Camera Photo but a little more involved. It allows you to try out new makeup looks that are easy to recreate at home. The result from each photo is really great, and looks incredibly realistic, so much so that my friends thought I had done the makeup myself. I really enjoyed editing my selfies, adding a little mascara, blusher, bronzer until my look was perfect. The only thing that wasn’t good about the app is that it requires the user’s location which consumes battery life, but this is the only thing that would make me hesitate to recommend it.