Sony : What Does “mobile” Mean For Photography: Interviews With Swpa Judge Anthony Lepinay And Mobile Category Winner Turi Calafato

Sony : What does “mobile” mean for photography: Interviews with SWPA Judge Anthony Lepinay and Mobile category winner Turi CalafatoAs the dust settles from the Sony World Photography Awards 2015, we wanted to look again at what this year’s new mobile category means for the photography world in the future.

Whilst we know that mobile technology is still some way from replicating the image quality of DSLR cameras, we’ve also seen the huge steps that we’re taking every year, and in some ways, the technology, once it reaches a certain point, stops being the limiting factor. In the words of this year’s mobile category winner “photography is a language” great photos use that language to tell a story and the unobtrusive nature of mobile cameras allows photographers to tell stories that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

We caught up with Turi Calafato, winner of the inaugural SWPA Mobile Phone category, and one of the SWPA judges, Parisian photographer Anthony Lepinay to discuss this, and more.

But that’s not all. For all the budding Xperia photographers out there we’ve released a limited edition Sony World Photography Awards Xperia Theme that not only features some of the amazing photography shortlisted during the competition, but also guarantees you’ll stay in the know regarding the 2016 awards. As soon as entries open, we’ll push out an update to the theme as a reminder to all our winners-in-waiting.