Sony Xperia T Now Available Gets All Action Tv Advert

Sony Xperia T now available gets all action TV advertBack in August we announced the imminent arrival of our new global flagship smartphone, Xperia T – which as I’m sure you’ll recall provides Sony’s best HD smartphone screen, camera and One-touch functionality. And not least, the handset sported by James Bond in the upcoming movie Skyfall. Well it’s now rolling out and we’ve gone and made a Bond themed advert for it too. 


With an action packed smartphone we needed an action packed advert. So we turned to Hollywood for support and we were fortunate to secure the services of Joe Carnahan, whose recent blockbuster hits include “The A-Team” and “The Grey”. He whisked us over to Prague for a four day shoot and directed proceedings with a team led by 1st Assistant Director, James Bittoni (Rise of the Planet of the Apes, The A-Team). The new ad is a homage to Bond and includes many visual cues to previous Bond films. It follows a consumer’s action packed journey across the Czech capital in order to buy the brand new Xperia T.
You can see the new adrenaline pumping ad above.
In order to give the ad more of a Bond flavour we included a dramatic car scene involving an Aston Martin Vantage V12 – one of only 1,000 ever made as well as a high speed ‘near miss’ scene between a speedboat and a 100 foot trawler on the River Vltava. Stuntman, Tomaz Rydval – under the supervision of stunt controller, Ben Bray (The A-Team and The Fighter) also provided some spectacular finishing touches by running across rooftops, dropping onto narrow walkways and falling from a building.
Enjoy, and look out for some exclusive behind the scenes footage later this month.


VIDEO Sony Xperia T now available gets all action TV advert