Sony: Xz Premium Clocks 750mbps Download Speed In Real - World Test Conditions

Sony: XZ Premium clocks 750Mbps download speed in real-world test conditions4K HDR capability made headlines when we revealed XZ Premium back at MWC earlier this year.
The screen looks stunning, but we’re aware of the techie elephant in the room; 4K HDR files are hefty and a superfast network and a processor that can keep up are needed to download or stream them at a rate that won’t leave you watching the first episode when the season finale has already aired.

Our engineers understand this which is why XZ Premium is Gigabit LTE enabled, made possible by the Snapdragon X16 LTE modem integrated into the Snapdragon 835 Mobile Platform.

Gigabit LTE is a major step in the road from 4G to 5G. The tech improves both the peak speed and consistency of real-world downloads as well as delivering faster speeds in congested areas and higher network capacity that improves speeds for all users.

Right now, multiple operators are rolling out Gigabit LTE globally. Over in the UK, EE is the country’s first network to support the new standard. When they offered us London’s Wembley Stadium as a venue to try their network out, we couldn’t refuse.

Ok, onto that speed test which – by the way – was conducted by doing things that we believe real smartphone users actually do with their devices:

1). Streamed 4K HDR content from Amazon Prime (The Grand Tour to be precise)

2). Downloaded some humongous files from Google Drive

3). Downloaded high quality music to listen to offline

The results? 750Mbps download and 110Mbps upload. Wham. To put that in context, a recent report listed Singapore as having the speediest global average broadband, at 55Mbps.

We grabbed a word with Roberto Di Pietro, Vice President Business Development, Qualcomm Europe Inc who told us “Gigabit LTE is not simply about headline data download speeds, it’s about bringing real-life benefits to the everyday user, regardless of the device they are using right now and forms the first major step towards 5G.”

The end of wires? It can’t be long.