Sony's Ps5 Won't Launch In The Next 12 Months

Sony's PS5 Won't Launch In The Next 12 Months

Just last week, Sony effectively confirmed that they are working on their next-gen PlayStation console in the PS5. If you thought that this meant that the console was close to launch, think again because according to Wall Street Journal reporter, Takashi Mochizuki, that will not happen anytime soon.

According to his tweet, he claims that Sony will not be making any next-gen PlayStation launches in the next 12 months. This means that at the earliest we can expect the PS5, it will be in late April or May 2020. This is more or less in line with what some analysts had previously predicted in which they suggested that the console might not launch until 2021 or even 2022.

So far Sony has confirmed that the upcoming console will have support for 8K graphics and will feature a custom GPU based on AMD’s Radeon Navi series along with support for ray-tracing. It won’t be all about the graphics though, as Sony had also suggested that there will be immersive 3D audio support, along with an SSD that will help speed up load times.

It sounds like it could be an expensive console, which Sony did not deny, but they also stated that the price that they end up on will be appealing to gamers. No word on when we might learn more about the PS5, but with E3 2019 taking place in the next couple of months, hopefully we will have more details then.

-No next-gen PlayStation launch over next 12 months
-PS Now has been ave. 40% annual growth since launch, now 700,000 users
-Much of Y31.1 billion (difference between past fy op vs this fy op outlook) to be invested to develop next PlayStation console

— Takashi Mochizuki (@mochi_wsj) April 26, 2019

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