Sony's Sketch App To Discontinue Online Functionality, Including Syncing

Sony's Sketch app to discontinue online functionality, including syncing

If you are an avid user of Sony's Sketch app then you won't like hearing that it has become the latest causality of Sony's app portfolio rationalisation. The Sketch team has confirmed that all online parts of the Sketch service will be discontinued from 30 September 2019. This means that all syncing, sticker downloads, and community functionality will stop working.

Sketch has been a fun casual drawing app, which used to be pre-installed on Xperia devices. There was fun stickers, with a vibrant community and the online syncing part meant that you could carry your sketches across devices.

Sony says that after 30 September 2019, the app will still be alive, but you will only be able to use the app locally. If you don’t want to lose your art and contacts, ensure you export your data from the app before 30 September 2019. There is a full FAQ here.

Dear Sketch community! The online parts of Sketch will be discontinued on 2019-09-30. We would like to thank you for your incredible involvement, talent and commitment. Please export your art before 2019-09-30. More info:

— Sony Sketch (@SonySketch) April 23, 2019

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