Spring Filter With Long Working Life

Spring filter with long working lifeAt the Manufacturing Business Matching Fair, Monobe Engineering exhibited the Mono-MAX Filter, a newly developed filter with a very long working life. Developed with support from a Japanese Government program, this large spring filter uses Monobe’s precision processing technology. To manufacture the filter, highly corrosion resistant stainless steel wire is processed into a special curved form, and this hard spring material is made into a coil. In this structure, vibration or expansion and contraction of the coil is utilized to dislodge attached residue.

"Unlike ordinary filters, this one can be used for all kinds of fluid, including water, oil, chemicals, and gases. It also withstands very high temperatures – normally up to 500 degrees C, and if different materials are used, up to 800 or 900 degrees C. This filter is also pressure-resistant. It can even handle concentrated pollutants, which ordinary filters can’t. Unlike ordinary filters, the Mono-MAX is very easy to clean, and it can be restored to its original condition repeatedly. This can be used semi-permanently. "

The Mono-MAX Filter is normally available in two length specifications, 600 mm and 1,200 mm, but even longer versions can be made. Monobe expects it to be utilized in a wide range of fields, including construction, foods, hygiene, and petrochemicals.

"The applications we’re targeting now are ballast water and large plants. There will be a super-fast bullet train to Nagoya, and our products can be used to filter turbid water in the tunnels. Our small-bore filters have a proven record, and this large one has substantially higher capacity, so we have high hopes in this regard."

Regarding future applications for this filter, Monobe has received inquiries about using it for decontamination at Fukushima, ballast water, drinking water in South-East Asia, chemical plants in China, and fracking water for shale gas and oil extraction in the US.