Square Enix: ‘final Fantasy 7? On Mobile Devices Won’t Happen For Years To Come

Square Enix: ‘Final Fantasy 7? on mobile devices won’t happen for years to comeDespite recent interest, Square Enix producer Takashi Tokita reveals that the studio won’t be porting Final Fantasy VII to the mobile gaming market any time soon, citing the game’s storage capacity as the major roadblock.

Final Fantasy VII is one of the biggest J-RPG’s in the history of gaming, and has enamored the gaming community for the last fifteen years. So when someone from Square Enix even raises the hint that there might be a FF7 port coming to the mobile market, it’s a pretty big deal to materia-users everywhere.

A bit ago Square Enix producer Takashi Tokita was quoted saying that the studio would like to re-visit the platinum hit and bring it to their Final Fantasy Legacy collection on iOS and Android, and while no concrete details were given, this was welcome news to materia-users worldwide.