Study Finds That Android Users Are More Loyal Compared To Ios Users

Study Finds That Android Users Are More Loyal Compared To iOS Users

When it comes to choosing a mobile platform, you really need to think about it properly because you will essentially be locked into that platform's apps and services. This is why it is understandable that despite their misgivings of certain hardware or software features, users tend to stick to one particular platform.

After all if you've spent hundreds, if not thousands in apps and services, why start from scratch, right? However when it comes to platform loyalty, it seems that despite Apple fans being known for their zeal, a study conducted by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners has found that Android users are apparently more loyal than iOS users.

As you can see in the graph above, iOS users were largely more loyal than Android users around 2014. However over the years Android users started to become more loyal to the platform, to the point where in December 2017, loyalty for Android users is at 91% versus iOS at 86%.

It is unclear as to why Android users are more loyal than iOS users, or what prompted the shift. It is possible that with OEMs now starting to bundle cleaner and more vanilla versions of Android with their phones that users can rest assured that it won’t be bogged down by mods. Alternatively it is also possible that as iPhones have gotten more expensive, there are less reasons for Android users to make the jump, but what do you guys think?

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