Suntech Power Japan To Launch Cloud - Based Remote Monitoring System For Solar Plants

Suntech Power Japan to Launch Cloud-based Remote Monitoring System for Solar PlantsSuntech Power Japan Corp announced Jan 21, 2015, that it will release a remote monitoring system equipped with a cloud-based portable telephone line for small-scall industrial solar power generation systems.

Suntech Power Japan (Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo) is a Japanese subsidiary of Wuxi Suntech Power Co Ltd, a leading solar panel manufacturer in China.

With the new system, Suntech Power Japan will be able to offer solar panels, PV inverters, mounting systems and remote monitoring system.

The system to be released is "SolarView Air," which is manufactured by Contec Co Ltd, an electronic device maker in Osaka City. When combined with a personal computer or smartphone, it enables to check the real-time amount of power generation as well as amounts by hour, month and year and the accumulated amount via the Internet.

When a PV inverter goes wrong, the system sends an e-mail so that it becomes possible to promptly ask for a checkup or maintenance.

SolarView Air is a "remote monitoring package" combining a measurement device capable of 3G (third-generation) mobile communications and a cloud computing-based service. It does not require construction work for communication lines and can be easily installed.

The dimensions of the system are 521 x 402 x 201mm, and its weight is about 7kg. It can be used for up to nine PV inverters per unit.

Contec started to supply measuring/monitoring systems for solar power generation facilities in 1990s. And they have been adopted for more than 10,000 solar power generation systems including mega (large-scale) solar power plants in and outside Japan and systems for verification tests.