Switch Japan Game Sales Have Beaten The Wii U's Five Year Sales

Switch Japan Game Sales Have Beaten The Wii U's Five Year Sales

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Earlier this year and less than a year since its release, the Nintendo Switch achieved a milestone in which it managed to outsell its predecessor, the Wii U. This is despite the fact that the Wii U was around for about five years. Now it looks like the Switch has achieved yet another milestone, in which its game sales have also managed to outsell those of the Wii U.

This is according to data from Game Data Library in which they estimate that Switch game sales have surpassed those of the Wii U in 18 months, at least as far as the Japanese market is concerned. If the data is accurate, over in Japan total digital software sales for the Wii U was at 15 million, in which the Switch managed to beat that towards the end of June where they sold 16 million units.

This is only retail, including digital total software sales of Wii U in Japan are at 15m, Switch was at 16m by the end of June, should be around 18m-19m by now.

Launch periods complicate things but at least by March Switch was outdoing NDS and 3DS software launches aligned.

— Game Data Library (@GameDataLibrary) August 30, 2018

By their estimates, the sales should be around the 18-19 million mark by now. That being said, it shouldn’t really be surprising because when you consider that every Switch owner probably owns at least one game and with the number of Switch units sold, it makes sense that its game sales could beat the Wii U’s game sales.

Nintendo’s first-party titles have been doing really well based on the charts, although what’s surprising is that many indie developers have also been flocking over to the Switch to launch their games, making it a popular platform for those who love their indie games.

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