Takara Tomy Decora Palette Fun Digital Camera

Takara Tomy Decora Palette Fun Digital CameraTakara Tomy is going to release a digital camera aimed at elementary school girls - Decora Palette - on August 7.
After photos are taken, Decora Palette lets the user adjust image color and tone of the photos and decorate them with multiple stamps and frames. For example, there are effects including skin brightener and sharpness, or make-up-like stamps such as colored contact lens, false eyelashes and cheek shadow, as well as flower stamps and speech balloon stamps.

Also, there are collaborations with 11 apparel brands intended for elementary school girls so Decora Palette provides stamps of the latest fashion items for girls.
Photos are saved on a microSD (2-32GB) card so that you can move the photos to a PC or bring the microSD card to a photo store for development. The built-in memory can also save up to 50 photos in the camera.

Price : 9980 Yen