Takara Tomy Licca - Chan's Eco - House

Takara Tomy Licca-chan's eco-houseTakara Tomy displayed at the 2014 International Tokyo Toy Show the Licca-chan's new house developed jointly with the major Japanese housing company, Pana Home.

The toy house is called Oshaberi Smart House Yuttari-san. It is scheduled to be released for about ¥6,500 on July 19. Oshaberi means to chat in Japanese, and Yuttari-san is the name of one of the Licca-chan house models.

Oshaberi Smart House Yuttari-san is an environmentally conscious house and developed in order for kids to naturally increase environmental awareness.

In particular, it plays more than 20 kinds of voice sounds including "Close the fridge door!" or " Have you charged the electric car?" It also has several eco-friendly items in the toy house such as the home smart monitor, LCD TV, reusable shopping bag, and cleaning robot.

The home smart monitor is made in imitation of Pana Home's Home Energy Management System (HEMS) monitor. Once you frame the home smart monitor in your actual smartphone or tablet camera, details of electricity generated by solar power shows up on the smartphone or tablet. Also, an intercom monitor function shows Licca-chan's parents visiting the house and a TV screen presents TV programs such as the weather forecast.