Top 10 Free Apps For Your Toshiba At200

Top 10 free apps for your Toshiba AT200With its ultra-thin design, feature-packed specification and impressive 10.1-inch touchscreen, the Toshiba AT200 is our best tablet yet. And with so many great free apps to download and install, there's nothing that it can't do. Here we check out to top 10 free apps every Toshiba AT200 owner should have.

Whether you're looking for an app to enhance your social networking, one for non-stop music around the clock, or even an app for having fun with your friends, there's something for everyone, so here's our top ten apps to try.

Catch up with your friends and find fun things to do, wherever you go. You can discover the best local highlights with a quick tap of the Toshiba AT200's screen and then easily find out where your friends are and invite them along.

If you're a Facebook-fan, you'll want to snap up the official app right away for your Toshiba AT200. With its intuitive interface, you can stay connected with your friends, upload your photos and more, all from the comfort of your tablet.

If Twitter is more your thing, then TweetDeck is for you. The smart, accessible design makes it easy to tweet from the AT200 and with support for Facebook, Foursquare and Buzz, this may be the perfect all-in-one social network app.

When tweeting and instant messaging get boring, nothing beats a good chat, so all tablets need to have Skype installed. Letting you call your friends for free anywhere in the world, this is an essential app for everyone to try.

Music fans rejoice! Spotify lets you listen to millions of songs on your Toshiba AT200 and enjoy instant access to thousands of albums and artists anytime you like. If you're a music lover, then Spotify is an app that can't be missed.

BBC iPlayer
Enjoy the past seven days of BBC programming on your Toshiba AT200 with the much-loved BBC iPlayer app. Easy to use, packed with entertainment and completely free to download and enjoy, this is a must have for your tablet.

If you want to type even faster on your Toshiba AT200, the Swype is the app for you. Letting you swipe your finger from one key to the next in one smooth motion, rather than tapping to type, you can type faster and easier than ever.

Opera Mini
By compressing web pages on the fly, the intuitive and feature-packed Opera Mini web browser lets you browse the web faster on the Toshiba AT200, while helping keep your 3G bills as low as possible. What more could you want?

If you need to share files between your Toshiba AT200, your laptop and your smartphone, then Dropbox is the only app you'll ever need. Fast and easy to use, it is the very best way to sync important files between all your devices.

Angry Birds
And what app list would be complete without Angry Birds - the world's most beloved mobile game? Perfect for whiling away the hours, its great graphics and easy, yet addictive, gameplay make it loads of fun for the whole family.

Adding great extra tools to the already feature-packed Toshiba AT200, these fantastic apps are all essential additions to your tablet. And with thousands more free apps to try out, there's no limit to what you can find and do.

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Top 10 free apps for your Toshiba AT200 Top 10 free apps for your Toshiba AT200 Top 10 free apps for your Toshiba AT200